The Bees Knees - Live At The Union Bar
Recording Date: September 4, 1979

Tom Burnevik - Vocals, Tenor Sax
Bill Black - Bass
Brad Imsdahl - Piano
Eric Hanson - Drums
Larry Hayes - Guitar
Tim Sparks - Guitar
Bill Burton - Alto Sax
Tony Moen - Trumpet

Quiet Whiskey
  • Written by Wynonie Harris (Schell, Glover, Harris, and Weismantel)
  • Hide and Seek
  • Written by Ethel Byrd and Paul Winley
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll
  • Written by Charles E. Calhoun (Jesse Stone)
  • Lonesome Train
  • Written by Charlie Singleton and Teddy McRae
  • Straighten Him Out
  • Written by Wynonie Harris
  • All She Wants To Do Is Rock
  • Written by Teddy McRae and Wynonie Harris
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