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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sue had her 5th chemo treatment today. The Oncologist put the dosage of both of her chemo drugs back to 66%. The blood test shows that her liver function is reduced. The numbers seem to fluctuate depending on the chemo dosage, so most likely it is due to the chemo drugs. However, to be safe, she is scheduled to have an Ultra Sound next Monday. He wants to make sure there is nothing else affecting her liver. He also said that having seven courses of chemo at this reduced dosage should give her the same results as six courses at the full dosage.

We also brought in the bracelets that Sue and Cheryl and other friends made to donate to the cancer center. There is a program through the cancer center where people can donate hand made items such as knitted hats and afghans that are then made available to cancer patients. Sue gave one to the nurse and one to the cancer coordinator lady who has been helping Sue from the very beginning of her ordeal. The cancer coordinator lady told her about a silent auction coming up to help raise money for the foundation, which is the non-profit organization that helps support the cancer center. She wants Sue to make more bracelets to be sold at the auction. The foundation uses some of the money to purchase wigs to give away free to cancer patients who lose their hair during chemotherapy. Now Sue and Cheryl have another excuse to keep making bracelets.

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