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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sue had her 4th chemo treatment today. The Oncologist kept one of her chemo drugs at 66% but raised the dosage of the other drug slightly higher this time. The third drug, Herceptin, doesn't have the regular chemo side affects, so she has been receiving 100% of the recommended dosage since the beginning of her treatments. The doctor said because of the reduced dosage for the two chemo drugs, she will be receiving seven courses instead of six. The Herceptin she takes for one full year.

Sue's parents took her to the cancer center this time and got to see the whole procedure. Sue's father is a retired Anesthetist so he got to talk shop with the doctors and nurses there.

Sue would like to thank everyone again for their love, support, prayers, and the many cards and gifts that she has received these past few months. It has helped her maintain a positive attitude.

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