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Monday, November 5, 2012

Today, Sue had outpatient surgery at the hospital to put in her port. The surgery went very well. The port will make it easier for her when she goes for her chemotherapy treatments. She came home from the hospital around noon, and has been sleeping for most of the afternoon.

Her skin grafts appear to be healing just fine, but the donor sight is very sore. She is still taking pain meds for that.

We also scheduled for her to start her chemotherapy treatments on Thursday. She will receive one treatment every three weeks for a total of six treatments. She will also receive one treatment of Herceptin every three weeks for one year. She will also take an estrogen blocking drug for the next five years. All of these treatments are meant to reduce her chances of her cancer coming back in another part of her body. The doctor said there is up to an 85% chance that the cancer will not come back if she does all of these treatments.

I will post another update on Thursday to let everyone know how her chemotherapy went. We expect to be there for most of the day, and I am sure she will want to go to bed after she gets home.

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