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Friday, November 2, 2012

Early this week, Sue had heart tests at the hospital in preparation for her chemotherapy. The tests were also conducted to see if she qualifies for the clinical trial study for the new cancer drug . The nurse called today and said she is in the normal range for having chemotherapy, but she does not fall within the parameters of the test criteria. That was a little upsetting for Sue, because she really wanted to be on the study and possibly benefit from the new drug. The results, however, does not mean she needs to see a Cardiologist. She is still in the normal range for chemotherapy patients. It simply means she doesn't fit the narrow criteria for participating in the clinical trial.

We also went to see the plastic surgeon today to check on her skin grafts. He said they are healing just fine. She is free to start chemotherapy as soon as next week. He does not need to see her again for 4 months, so that was some good news. We will probably schedule with the Oncologist to start chemotherapy sometime next week.

On Monday, Sue is scheduled to have outpatient surgery at the hospital to put in her port.

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