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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sue was much more alert this morning. She got up and we walked around for about 45 minutes. Then she sat in her chair to have breakfast. I know she is feeling better because she was fussy about her breakfast food. She normally doesn't like breakfast food, so I got to eat her eggs, bacon, and biscuit, while she had peanut butter toast.

The doctor came in after breakfast and said everything looked good. She can go home later this afternoon after she has had her lunch. They are also turning her pain medication control over to her regular doctor, who understands her Fibromyalgia. He had promised ahead of time to give her whatever she needs to control the pain if the surgeons did not give her enough.

After the doctor visit this morning, she went back to bed to sleep, as she got very tired from all the morning commotion. The nurse put a do not disturb sign on her door so that she would not be interrupted.

After lunch, the nurse came in and taught Cheryl and I all the things we need to do for Sue at home. There is a long list of medications that I have to figure out and chart so that she gets the right amounts at the correct times. At first, I will have to set my alarm every 4 hours to check to see if she needs more pain medication.

She got home from the hospital around 3PM. She went to bed and slept most of the rest of the day.

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