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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sue slept much better last night as there were less interruptions. This morning she was very groggy from the medication. She was able to stand and sit in her chair next to her bed for about 45 minutes. The doctor then came in and said everything looked just fine. Her Hemoglobin was already up to 10.2 which is excellent for someone who had bloodless surgery just two days ago. They are slowly starting her on more solid food. They also removed her PCA and started her on oral pain medication.

She walked for the first time today. We walked down to the family lounge and back just after breakfast. She then went back to bed and I went home to feed the cats. The numerous interruptions from the various Hospital staff make it difficult for her to get long periods of sleep, which is something she needs for her Fibromyalgia. The problem is, she also needs to start walking more to recover from her surgery.

She walked two more times in the afternoon and evening. The worst pain comes from trying to get in and out of bed. Once she is up and walking, she seems to be fine, although she gets tired very fast. I don't know if she will be able to go home tomorrow because she is still not on solid food, and needs help from the nursing staff to get in and out of bed. Cheryl and I are staying with her overnight tonight. I want to be here in the morning when the doctor comes to see her.

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