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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cheryl and I stayed with Sue Friday night in her room. The room has a big couch and a reclining chair that we slept on, although it was very difficult trying to sleep when the nurses were in every hour all night long checking on Sue.

This morning there was some oozing and bleeding that the nurses were concerned about. The plastic surgeon came in around 7:30AM to check on it and said there was nothing to worry about. He changed her dressing and the bleeding stopped shortly after. He said her Hemoglobin was 9.5, which was nothing to be concerned about. The transplanted tissue seemed healthy, and the blood flow to that tissue was just fine. He said she could start in on a liquid diet today. They also got her out of bed a few times so that she could sit in a chair. Tomorrow they are going to try to get her to start walking.

Around noon they moved her from a constant care room to a regular surgery recovery room. The new room also has a great view of the Mississippi River. I went home for a couple hours to feed the cats and change clothes. After I got back, Cheryl went home. She is planning on coming back on Sunday so that she can stay with Sue Sunday night. Cheryl is going to be her at home nurse for awhile when Sue comes home. The doctor said if everything continues to go well, she will get to go home Monday. I will stay with her tonight.

She is doing good and is able to get more sleep, now that she is out of the critical stage. The nurses don't have to wake her up every hour anymore. However, she is very sleepy because of the pain medication.

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