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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Juli called and said the lump in her back is a reactive lymph node which is not cancer. They do not know what caused it, but they are not concerned about it so nothing needs to be done about it.

Her thyroid nodule has an 85% chance that it is not cancer. Her surgeon is going to remove the nodule this Friday, September 14, at the same time that she has her surgery to remover her sentinel lymph nodes. They will then do further testing on it to make sure it is not cancer. If it is cancer, the treatment will be to have another surgery to remove the rest of her thyroid. The surgeon said the thing on her thyroid is not related at all to her breast cancer.

Because of the additional procedure on Friday, Sue will have to stay overnight in the hospital whether the thyroid shows signs of cancer or not. Unless something new develops, she will come home sometime on Saturday.

The surgeon also told Sue that everybody is comfortable with doing both the mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries on Friday September 21, unless the sentinel lymph nodes show signs the cancer has spread. If everything turns out OK, she will be in the hospital for 4 days after that surgery.

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