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Friday, September 7, 2012

Juli called at 11:00AM and said the PET Scan did not show any other organs as having cancer, which is good news. The Oncologist said everything looks good. We will meet with him at 2:00PM this afternoon.

There was something that showed up in her back that the Oncologist wants to look at. She also has an area on her thyroid that the Oncologist wants to look at. She will probably need an ultra sound for that.

Meeting with Oncologist. We meet with the Oncologist and he said there was no sign that the cancer had spread. He said the area that does show cancer in her breast is very small. There were two other areas, however, that showed up on the PET scan. But he said those areas did not show signs of cancer. Her thyroid had a spot, and her back had a spot that lit up. He said it is probably just a benign nodule because it did not light up like cancer would. Sue was able to have an ultra sound on both spots today to give us more details of those spots. We won’t know until Monday the results of the ultra sound.

The Oncologist also said the type of chemotherapy they use on her kind of cancer today rarely makes people sick. She will still lose her hair, but she probably won’t get nauseous.

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